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Panel 1  : Africa: Current status, political and economic outlook


State of Africa: politics, conflicts, influences. What is the aftermath of the "Arab Spring"
Perspectives: stability, growth and alliances : what will the superpowers do?
Global African momentum and the recession in europe
Food security and access to water.
Morocco's position as a "Hub"

Panel 2 : The conditions of a financial and business convergence


Challenges & Economic Issues
Solutions & Tools to develop
Necessary reforms
Growth tanks
Budding markets

Panel 3 : Medias and regionalisation: levers for faster integration?



What role for the medias in order to contribute to political, social, and economic evolutions? What are the Africans expectations in terms of content-driven medias? Is there an African audio-visual scene?

January 25, 2012 Hotel Tour Hassan Rabat, Morocco.

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